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Italian Festival


The Colonial Italian American Organization (CIAO) was conceived and established in the City of Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1988. The Organization is committed and dedicated to the promulgation of the positive contributions and achievements of Italian Americans in our society. To achieve and promote a greater understanding and recognition of those values that are unique and derive from our Italian heritage, the Organization dedicates itself:

To be an informed, unified and effective voice for Italian Americans in all aspects of American life;
To advocate and promote social and cultural  interests and activities of the Italian American residents and community at large;
To promote greater awareness and understanding of our common historical and cultural heritage by providing social, educational and civic programs and activities;
To provide a unique opportunity for members of the Organization to become involved in beneficial, charitable and enriching programs and activities;
To recognize outstanding Italian Americans for their positive achievements and contributions within the community;
To promote and advance the progress of members within our community;
To coordinate resources and provide the community with an available pool of personnel and/ or services;
To provide assistance to Italian speaking visitors to our area so as to make their experience in Williamsburg more enjoyable.